I'm Yuriko. Thanks for visiting my site!

Not so long ago, I was a career professional in some of the biggest companies in the automobile and IT industries. And while there were definitely parts of this stage in my life that I'm thankful for and that I actually enjoyed, I was secretly struggling all through out with difficulties that deeply affects me personally, mentally, and even physically.

In my decades long search for a better quality of life, I have tried several different solutions: medical, counselling, therapies, alternatives, etc. Some of these have helped me and have been useful for me...but nothing seem to be able to give me the more long-term peace of mind I am looking for.

That was until I discovered Emotion Code. After attending several sessions, I felt, perhaps for the first time in my memory, truly hopeful and empowered about my situation! The impact Emotion Code has had in my life has really been life changing...and it still continuous to be so for me everyday!

My experience with Emotion Code has inspired me to study the method myself and become a certified practitioner. My goals are simple: I wish to share and to pass on to others the same healing benefits I myself experienced through Emotion Code.

Welcome to Simple Healing, and thanks for your time. I hope you find what you are looking for.